About Us

Introduction & Overview

Global Care Solutions Private Limited, Sri Lanka is a registered Foreign Recruitment Agency bearing the License Number 3267 under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) which is the sole regulatory body in Sri Lanka for foreign recruitment agencies (www.slbfe.lk). All such agencies are governed by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Act (No. 21 of 1985) which guarantees government standards and ethical recruitment processes.

As a result of the increased demands for Health Care services in European Countries, opportunities have arisen for overseas healthcare professionals. As a result, many organizations are in the process of recruiting nurses from all around the world, to cater to the needs of Hospitals.

Therefore, Global Care Solutions Private Limited will provide the UK, Germany & other European Hospitals with qualified Healthcare Professionals who have appropriate language and training skills, to meet the required standards of care.

To streamline the process, we have also partnered with our associated companies, Suriya Investments & Asset Management Limited in the UK and REF Crew management GmbH in Germany who will act as our local agent in the respective countries.

The Sri Lankan business will comprise two operating entities:

Recruitment Agency & Operating Company

Language training institute